Neumann Hagelmann - Web Services offers state-of-the-art services for web page design and administration.

If you need to inform, relate to customers and/or suppliers, provide support services, manage sponsorships, offer files for downloading, etc... you must have a reliable and efficient web page.

We supply unique tools, managed by a team of leading German experts to assure the best image and services available over Internet. Our services include training and backups to provide you with total autonomy, and added-value tools.

Latest Projects


Companies that are using our services include En La Mira - Noticias, Quadratto Group, SETIM- Mobility, Goldman Plastics, CORECASA, Rincon Polaco, AMFE - Asociación Mexicana de Entidades Financieras Especializadas, A.C., PADSA - Promotora de Arte y Deporte, Hyperpáginas, Commplaza, CMMA - Comercializadora Mexicana de Manufacturas y Abastecimientos, Angell Maddox, Imagina Projects a.o.